Beyond the Final Frontier

One response to “Beyond the Final Frontier

  1. “Trek Navigator” was a guidebook I loved, but unfortunately the authors haven’t published any updated edition, though many Trek episodes including all of Enterprise were broadcast after the book’s publication date. The personal comments and ratings were very entertaining as well as interesting, and the lists of episodes gave a good overview. Suddenly I came across Star Trek 101, which included all of Enterprise as well as all movies except the most recent one. The black and white photographs were nice and the general introductions to the different series complemented the focus on individual episodes in Trek Navigator. However the episode summaries in Star Trek 101 were too brief for my taste. The authors seemed very anxious to avoid any spoilers, which sometimes made it hard to recognize the stories. Thanks to the Complete Starfleet Library web-site I learned that you had published another unauthorised guidebook, which combines many of the strengths of both Trek Navigator and Star Trek 101, and includes the two first seasons of Enterprise. It seems that you were in a hurry when you compiled the book, though. Sometimes your reasoning would be easier to follow if you spent another sentence introducing less familiar characters and concepts. In the index there are no entries starting with a C after Clarke, and I believe I searched in vain for one specific episode here (although I’ve already forgotten which one). I understand that the index can’t list every mention of regular characters, but I would like to find some more of the less well-known concepts here as well. Will there be an updated edition in the future?

    Yours faithfully,

    Erik Holst

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