The Eyeless

The Eyeless

[2008, BBC Books, ISBN 978-1-846-07562-9, edited by Justin Richards and Steve Tribe, cover by Lee Binding]

A Doctor Who novel, my first and only featuring the tenth Doctor (travelling here without a companion). I wrote a blog about the writing of the book, which was tidied up and appeared as a section of Time Unincorporated. I discussed the cover here, which includes a sketch I made. One of the inspirations for the book was Peter Byrom’s brilliant Next Time trailer. The Eyeless was nominated for a Scribe Award. The audiobook was released in 2009. I abridged it from my novel, it was read by Russell Tovey. [ISBN 978-1408426531]. In 2010, a Kindle edition of the book was released, followed in 2015 by a paperback version.


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Audiobook at Amazon UK

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