Doctor Who, Chronologically

First Doctor: The Infinity Doctors, ‘The Exiles’

Fourth Doctor:  ‘Observer Effect’, ‘Doing Time’

Fifth Doctor: Cold Fusion, Primeval, ‘A Town Called Eternity’

Sixth Doctor: Davros

Seventh Doctor :  ‘Echo’, Snare, Just War, Cold Fusion,

Eighth Doctor: The Dying Days, ‘Worm’, Emmerdale: Their Finest Hour, Father Time, ‘Iris Explains’, Trading FuturesThe Gallifrey Chronicles, ‘Benny’s Story’, The Infinity Doctors

Tenth Doctor: The Eyeless

3 responses to “Doctor Who, Chronologically

  1. I see you couldn’t resist, putting Infinity Doctors up twice! (and for a second I thought you’d come out and said it was the First Doctor all along till I read down).

  2. Ha! Parkin gives himself a get out of jail free card manoeuvre with The Infinity Doctors.

  3. I’ve read that the Infinity Doctor is a post Gallifrey Chronicles Doctor who is living on Gallifrey just after the First Doctor left. I think that should resolve all the contradictions.

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