Magazines & Fanzines

1991 – ‘Total Perspective’ (In-Vision 33, edited by Justin Richards and Peter Anghelides). An article about how Douglas Adams reused his Doctor Who material in his other work, and vice versa. This was my first published work, and I actually wrote it over a year before it was printed. Each issue of In-Vision was a comprehensive look at one particular story, and it took them a while to get around to Douglas Adams’ first story, The Pirate Planet. This was in the distant era of hand-typing and sending the only copy by first class post. Justin and Peter have since gone on to greater things, of course.



TV Zone


Doctor Who Magazine

Star Trek – Starting in 2008, I’ve been writing a few short pieces for the official Star Trek Magazine. These have been articles on Voyager’s sixth season (issue 16), a lead in article about Villains in Star Trek (issue 22) and a discussion of greatest Vulcan of all, Surak.

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