One of the legendary Doctor Who fanzines of the early nineties, I was lucky enough to meet its editor, Mark Jones, at university. My first article appeared in issue 46 (1993), a history of near-future space travel according to Doctor Who. That lead to further articles on the history of Mars, Prehistory and the Cybermen. These was very popular, and Seventh Door commissioned The Doctor Who Chronology on the strength of them. Over the next four years I wrote ten other articles and reviews – nine of them appear in Time Unincorporated, the tenth was ‘It’s Crap!’, an analysis of the Peter Davison era which we left out of the collection because I said very similar things in other articles. The collection also excludes those ‘history’ articles because they ended up being incorporated into aHistory. Mark and I subsequently co-wrote books on Star Trek and His Dark Materials.

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