Dark Matters

Dark Matters: An Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Philip Pullman’s Internationally Bestselling His Dark Materials Trilogy

[co-written with Mark Jones. Virgin Publishing, first edition 2005, ISBN 0753510251; second edition 2007, ISBN 9780753513316]

There are two editions – the first is a standard mass market paperback with a William Blake cover. The second is a slightly larger paperback with a red cover. The second edition reorders the material into different sections, and expands the section on the movie version of Northern Lights.

When I was young I got a copy of Past Watchful Dragons, a guide to the Narnia books by Walter Hooper. I wanted to write a book like that about His Dark Materials, one with lots of titbits of information that a younger reader of Pullman’s books could come across in a school library. When the first edition came out, it did so into a bit of a void – a few years since that last book, a few years until the movie (which was subject to all sorts of delays). When the second edition came out, in time for the movie, the market was flooded with books like it. As a postscript, I reviewed the movie for Shiny Shelf.


First edition from Amazon (UK), (US)

Second edition from Amazon (UK), (US)

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