The Dying Days

Doctor Who: The Dying Days

[Virgin Publishing, 1997, ISBN 0426205049, edited by Rebecca Levene, cover by Fred Gambino]

The last of Virgin’s Doctor Who New Adventures, and the only one to feature the eighth Doctor – this was also the only time he met Benny until Benny’s Story. The book sold out before its official release and has always been a collector’s item that’s commanded big prices. Until The Gallifrey Chronicles, this was my bestselling Doctor Who novel. The Dying Days was the BBC’s first ever eBook, and the full text is online there, with an extensive commentary by me and some great illustrations by Allan Bednar (this one is a particular favourite of mine). The last chapter went through a number of drafts, an earlier one is reprinted here. I was also honoured to edit a book of the same name by Shannon Patrick Sullivan.


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2 responses to “The Dying Days

  1. Dear Mr. Parkin,

    I have been wanting to read your novel, The Dying Days for a while now. However, given the fact that the BBC has got rid of the ebooks on the Doctor Who site, will there be a legal way to obtain this (and the other books previously on the site) legally without having to pay hundreds of pounds for a previoudly owned copy that you would ultimatrly get nothing ftom?

    Your sincerely

    Bill Smith

  2. Is the commentary from this now up anywhere? The BBC seem to have pulled it down.

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