Doctor Who Novels

Virgin Publishing

Just War (1996)

Cold Fusion (1996)

The Dying Days (1997)

BBC Books

The Infinity Doctors (1998)

Father Time (2000)

Trading Futures (2002)

The Gallifrey Chronicles (2005)

The Eyeless (2009)

3 responses to “Doctor Who Novels

  1. Hi- I’ve noticed some of these novels are being released as Kindle versions on Amazon. Do you know of plans to release more Doctor Who titles?

    • There are plans to release Kate Orman and Jon Blum’s BBC novels, too, but although that’s got to be coming
      up pretty soon, I don’t think anyone has the precise date yet.

      After that … well, I’m sure it will depend on demand, and various things like contractual issues and what the
      author would like to happen. I’m very happy to see my books available again.

  2. I mentioned this to you a while ago on Facebook, but I reread Father Time again and I must say, Thank you for that book. It is excellent and really captures an essential element of fatherhood.

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