The Root of All Evil – [1999], audio adventure starring Catherine Church, Mark Donovan, James Warrior, Neil Bull, Holly King. Directed by Paul Ebbs, music by Steve Johnson, produced by Bill Baggs. Featuring the Krynoids from the Doctor Who story The Seeds of Doom.

I Scream[2000], audio adventure starring Lisa Bowerman, Jo Castleton, Andrew Fettes, Peter Yapp. Directed by Jo Castleton, script edited by Paul Ebbs, produced by Bill Baggs, cover by Steve Johnson. The I were created for the Doctor Who novel Seeing I by Jon Blum and Kate Orman.

Cyberon – [2000], video adventure, directed by Bill Baggs and starring Jo Castleton, P.J. Ochlan, Oliver Bradshaw, David Roeciffe, Camilla Aitken, Kerry Skinner, Patricia Merrick, Paul Griggs, Blane Coughlan, Catherine Barker, Bernard Lawrence, Jackie Skarvellis, Marian Baggs, Michael Baggs, Keith Fisher, Steve Johnson, Glenn Supple, Mark Donovan, Jennifer Wagner, Nigel Fairs, Terry Cooper, Chris Bell, Keith Bell. Featured the Cyberons, the not-the-Cybermen villains who’d appeared in a number of BBV productions.

One response to “BBV

  1. Awkward place to try to contact you, but hello :)! First off, obviously, I love your work with Doctor Who, and I’ve enjoyed reading/watching your work.

    Second off, I’m running a Kickstarter Campaign for a Doctor Who episode guide in the form of poetry, obviously unauthorized! You can find it right here:

    We’re doing illustrations in the book, and were considering adding a short story to the book if it gets funded enough, but since we can’t use anything BBC owned, the illustrator and I started wondering about licensing creator owned Who things as Kickstarter Stretch goals. Therefore, I was wondering if there was any way we could license any of your creator owned content. I’m assuming you own the Cyberons, so I thought I’d post here.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! You can contact me at
    -James Wylder

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