Time Unincorporated

Time Unincorporated Vol 1: Lance Parkin

[2009, Mad Norwegian Press, edited by Lars Pearson, ISBN 978-1935234012]

A collection of my articles for Matrix, Enlightenment (up to January 2009); a revised version of the blog I wrote about writing The Eyeless; original synopses for The Infinity Doctors and Warlords of Utopia; a look at my unmade Doctor Who novels, including a synopsis for To Hold Back Death; a poem ‘Contains Spoilers’ that was in the first draft of The Gallifrey Chronicles. With linking material by me.

For copyright reasons, we couldn’t include a couple of things in the book, so see the Unseen and Unmade page.


Amazon (UK), (US)

Direct from Mad Norwegian


Nothing Tra La La

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