Unseen and Unmade

Over the years, a number of things I’ve written haven’t been published, or were revised so heavily they became a completely different kettle of fish. There’s a fairly comprehensive survey of my unused or unmade Doctor Who writing in Time Unincorporated. There were a couple of things that we couldn’t put in that book for copyright reasons, and I also forgot to mention a couple of ideas I pitched to Big Finish that they weren’t keen on.

‘Valeyard of the Daleks’ – an unused section from the end of The Dying Days.


Enemy of the Daleks

Iron Empire

Divided Kingdom

Lysistrata and the Frogs – a Young Adult novel proposal

Peter Pan sequel – I was Virgin Books’ entrant for the contest to write the official sequel to Peter Pan.

Davros the God

‘Holding Pattern’ – An original short story.

One response to “Unseen and Unmade

  1. Mr Parkin: I’m a big fan of your work in the Doctor Who universe, and I’m fiercely interested in reading your submissions to Lawrence Miles’ “Book of the War.” I know one concerned Mr Saldaamir and was published in Myth Makers 13, but I haven’t been able to find it online; as far as I know, any others never saw the light of day. Do you still have those submissions filed away somewhere, and, if so, would you be willing to post them or send them to me?

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