Unseen and Unmade

Over the years, a number of things I’ve written haven’t been published, or were revised so heavily they became a completely different kettle of fish. There’s a fairly comprehensive survey of my unused or unmade Doctor Who writing in Time Unincorporated. There were a couple of things that we couldn’t put in that book for copyright reasons, and I also forgot to mention a couple of ideas I pitched to Big Finish that they weren’t keen on.

‘Valeyard of the Daleks’ – an unused section from the end of The Dying Days.


Enemy of the Daleks

Iron Empire

Divided Kingdom

Lysistrata and the Frogs – a Young Adult novel proposal

Peter Pan sequel – I was Virgin Books’ entrant for the contest to write the official sequel to Peter Pan.

Davros the God

‘Holding Pattern’ – An original short story.

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