1996 – TSV

2001 – Enlightenment

2002 – BBC Website

2005 –Vox Bomb

2008 – Death Ray Magazine

2008 – Unreality Parts One and Two

2009 – BC Refugee

2009 – Ramble with Russel (podcast)

2010 – Doctor Oho Parts One and Two

2010 – Sci-Fi Worlds

2010 – Terrible Zodin

3 responses to “Interviews

  1. Mr Parkin, i hope i’m not annoying you but i really need some help. Let me introduce my self, my name’s Matteo Addabbo, and i’m an italian student. I study Licterature in Rome and i’m going to graduate this yeas. For my final work i’ve decided to analyse Alan Moore’s work. I already bought your book about it, but i would like to know if you can help me, i really wish to contact him, to meet him and to speak with him, even for a small interview.
    Hope you can help me, I’ll be very grateful.
    Matteo Addabbo

    • Hi. I’m afraid I don’t have any direct route to Alan Moore – if you go to the Dodgem Logic site, you can email his publishing company, and they can pass the message on.

  2. Just read the Unreality interview – very interesting and candid!

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