Retreat of the Daleks (fourth stage)


The fourth part of my writing exercise. Again, a strict four hours work, including thinking time. So this is what it looks like after sixteen hours’ work. It’s nearly complete. It now has a sketched in ending, but one that needs to be beefed up. It’s that awkward point where the Doctor stands around explaining what you’ve been looking at all this time, with the writer desperately trying to disguise (or at least distract) from that. I still have placeholder names, I still don’t establish the other monks well enough. Bits of the ending are rushed. It’s roughly the right length, I think.

This is a tricky bit of the process. I need to go back and polish the whole thing, I need to make sure that everything connects up and makes sense, or at least the Doctor Who version of ‘sense’. Again, I think it’s a bit light on the religious satire stuff. The idea is that the Daleks are cherrypicking a religion, finding the bits that agree with what they already believe and running with those, ignoring the rest. That’s not coming across at all.

Again, I wrote this yesterday, before I saw Into the Dalek … a story about a lone ‘good’ Dalek with a crisis of conscience who ends the episode in a fight with a bunch of mean Daleks, with the Doctor being a rather negative influence. Hmmmmm. retreat


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