Return of the Daleks!


As another four hour exercise, I’ve continued to work on my ‘Retreat of the Daleks’ script. Rather than continue the story, I’ve tried to fix problems with the first draft. I thought it was a little too confined, there were no parts for human actors – a huge flaw in the story – and, er, that haiku wasn’t a haiku. So this opens things up a little, adds a couple of characters (with placeholder names, at this stage!). I’ve realised it’s basically the same trick as my Big Finish audio Davros: start with quite a silly premise, gradually ramp up the darkness. They’re the Daleks. They’re going to snap at some point and start killing everyone. I’ve tried to make things in this first half a little less silly and introduce a few more elements of darkness and discord. Now I’m semi-committed to finishing this, I’ve also had to come up with an explanation of some of the mystery, whodunit, aspects of the story. I know what’s happening and why, now. It’s become a locked room mystery, and that means there are rules I have to follow to play fair with my audience. Thanks for the feedback, everyone, particularly Stephen Graves. 

So, this is the state of the script at exactly eight hours working on it, including a rather abrupt ending.


One response to “Return of the Daleks!

  1. Mad! Quite mad, but brilliant, and fun, and I want to watch this on Saturday after “Deep Breath”. Despite that it’s 12 + Clara, surely you could sell it with another combination to Big Finish? Surely, this is the kind of stuff they love to do with the Daleks!

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