Aurum Press are proud to announce a book launch for my biography Magic Words: The Extraordinary Life of Alan Moore. the book is out this week, the event is on the 26th November, at the Prince Charles Cinema in London.

There will be a signing, a 70 minute Q&A and a chance to see a couple of Moore’s Jimmy’s End films on the big screen.

Oh yeah, he said, feigning nonchalance … and Alan Moore will be there.


More details and tickets available here



2 responses to “MAGIC WORDS – LONDON EVENT

  1. Hi Lance,
    can you confirm that you won’t be signing pre-purchased copies of books at tomorrow night’s event, but only books bought on the night? This seems a little harsh for people who ordered the Moore biography in advance! Thanks, Ben

    • OK. Thanks for asking this. Don’t worry, if you’ve already bought the book, that’s not a problem. The *titles* that will be available for sale tomorrow – basically the creator-owned stuff – are the ones Alan Moore will happily sign. We want an informal evening, not people who want to flip a box of stuff on ebay, or who hog the time allocated to the signing. And Moore’s concern is not anger or anything like that – he wants the staff at the cinema to get home on time, he wants people to have a nice time.

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