New York Comic Con 2013


OK, so here are the details of my signings at Comic Con.


I’ll be signing copies of Magic Words: The Extraordinary Life of Alan Moore, my biography of … well, Alan Moore. Clue’s in the title. This will be on the Saturday the 12th (a week today), from 10-11 and 3-4. I’ll be at the table of my US distributors, Quayside, which is booth 2006. We’re not very far from the 11th Street entrance and if you find the Avatar or Mattel stands then you’re not very far away at all. If you see me prowling around, please say ‘hi’. I look like this:




Only that doesn’t really do me justice, as I’m far more handsome. I look like that to the extent that I’ll almost certainly be wearing the same jacket. If I can find my Jo Grant badge, I’ll have that on my lapel.


This will be your first chance to buy Magic Words, it may well be the first time I see it. The official US release date is December 1st (in the UK, it’s November 7th), so this really is hot off the presses stuff. There will only be a few hundred copies available, and it’ll be first come first served. If you’re going to be there on the day and ask me nicely here or Facebook, I’ll stick one under the table for you to purchase at your leisure. I would, naturally, be delighted to sign anything and everything else you would like me to sign, and to chat about Alan Moore, Doctor Who or whatever else takes your fancy.


See you there, if you’re going!


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