New York Comic Con, October 12 2013

I’ll be at New York Comic Con on the Saturday (12 October), and doing two signings of my Alan Moore bio at the Quayside booth. They’re the American distributors, and they’ll be air freighting in copies of the book. It’ll be the first day even I see them, and it’ll be a few weeks before the official release date. Please pop by, and don’t worry: no purchase necessary. I’ll be happy to sign or chat about anything else I’ve written over the years, obviously.

I’ve not actually ever been to a comic convention before. I know … weird, right?

If you plan to go, look forwards to seeing you – please feel free to tell me you’re coming by replying below.

One response to “New York Comic Con, October 12 2013

  1. I wish I was going. It would be nice to meet you again, Lance, and to get the Doctor Who: Davros audio play from Big Finish signed by you. Perhaps some other time. Have a good time at the convention. Hope you sell at lot of copies of the Alan Moore book.

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