The Earliest Piece of Alan Moore Merchandise?

Another Alan Moore related item. Hang on, I just read a book about improving search engine results. I’m meant to put in lots of searchable terms. Let’s start again. Here’s another item from Alan Moore, co-creator of Watchmen, V for Vendetta and From Hell, friend of Steve Moore, creator of Abslom Daak Dalek Killer (author of the novel Somnium, which just came out and I’ve just started) . Er … Scarlett Johannsson private pics, Sarah Palin, free iPad 3. That should do it.

This, I think, is the very first piece of Alan Moore spin off merchandise: a poster offered by the Backstreet Bugle, an underground magazine that Moore contributed material to just before (and just after) his first professional sales.

It’s a panel from St Pancras Panda, usually described as a Paddington Bear pastiche, but it’s really Alan Moore being mean to a sweet little panda. God looks oddly familiar.

Note that this is an advert for the poster, not the poster itself. If anyone bought the poster, they could now make quite a tidy return on their 50p investment, I think.

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One response to “The Earliest Piece of Alan Moore Merchandise?

  1. Hi,
    I had this “poster”…
    It was, if memory serves, a four colour (mainly blue, but with yellow and red as well), rather cheap looking A4 colour photocopy, with the image you have above printed large in the centre and the rest of the frames from #11: “St Pancras Panda Gets a Dose O’ Dat Old Time Religion” spread around the side. I received it as a gift in 1978/79 when aged about 12 from my eldest brother, Nick, who edited the Red Rag, a Reading based anachist (I use the term loosely) paper which I believe also ran the Panda strip (I could be wrong here – but I think there was some connection between the Bugle and the Rag).
    This was the last bit of Panda work Alan ever created, although I do remember seeing the character make a single frame appearance in the background of something far more recently (maybe a Promethea dream sequence, or LOEG, or perhaps something by Bryan Talbot?).
    I treasured my copy of this for many many years, whilst watching Alan’s slow but steady rise to become the internationally acclaimed writer/black arts dabbling lunatic he is now. For a while it was on my wall, above my desk, then I kept it flat, and in the dark, so it was in great condition.
    Then another family member threw it, and all the rest of my childhood comic collection, away. This was some years ago now, and while much water has passed under the bridge, I have never forgiven them for this act, nor imagine I ever will.
    Probably worth a bob or two now.
    Hey-ho, or, to quote a certain Mr Vonnegut, “So it goes”.

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