Halo Jones … on TV

The internet is wonderful, isn’t it? Here’s a clip from a 1989 TV show that featured an excerpt from a stage adaptation of Alan Moore and Ian Gibson’s The Ballad of Halo Jones. The 1989 fashions are, of course, now almost as wacky as the 50th century ones. The performance starts at around 2:25.

4 responses to “Halo Jones … on TV

  1. Wow. That really is *sensationally* bad.

    (I have to say that when I finally read Halo Jones, about a year ago, I found it really disappointing. I kept waiting for it to take wings, and it kept resolution staying on the ground.)

  2. Very Paradise Towers.

    • That had occurred to me, yes. And, as I’m sure you know, Andrew Cartmel had recommended Halo Jones to his various writers as an example of what he’d like Doctor Who to be like (and tried to persuade Moore to write the 25th anniversary story).

  3. I saw this performed in Northampton itself, and somewhere I have a signed program. Signed by the cast members, that is, who I don’t think went on to take the world by storm. But as I recall, I enjoyed the play. I recall that before it started, someone in the audience said “They’re doing the rat king!”, having just spotted some piece of scenery. The rat king didn’t appear.

    I was in sixth form at the time, so I’d put it at 87/88. If I can find the program, I’ll scan it in.

    I also saw a one-man performance of Brought to Light in Northampton, possibly the year after, that was excellent. Alan was at that performance, but not at Halo Jones (very likely a wise choice).

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