The Infinity Doctors … the podcast

Just found a lovely podcast about The Infinity Doctors – out now on ebook and print-and-demand!




2 responses to “The Infinity Doctors … the podcast

  1. Thanks so much for posting the link! It’s wonderful to engage with such a well-written and substantive book.

  2. Okay so this is unrelated to your post but bear with me. One of my favourite books has always been ‘A History of the Universe’ and I’ve always wanted an updated version past 1996. Having only just found out there have since a been a few revisions I am now only put off by the price. So quick questions:
    1) Is the current edition quite big?
    2) Is there another edition in the works?
    3) Bonus one, do you include The Infinite Quest and/or Dreamland? I hope you do, plus the Children in Need, Comic Relief and DVD ‘meanwhile’ scenes etc.


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