Whither Jetpacks?

One of the great cliches is ‘where are our jetpacks? We were promised a future of amazing technology and where did that go?’. Anyone who says that sort of thing literally can’t see what’s in front of them right now.

The Doctor Who Annuals always had a couple of pages outlining this glorious future of mile high skyscrapers, unlimited energy from wave power and robot milkmen. Here’s a wacky prediction from the Doctor Who Annual 1982. By 2081, we might all carry pocket computers that allow us to look up satellite views of streets to get directions.

The amazing future’s here, ahead of schedule and way stranger than we were ever told it was going to be. If you haven’t noticed because you’re too busy looking at slow motion videos of jelly, that’s no one’s fault but your own. Meanwhile, nearly forty years after we last walked on the Moon, there are people who’ll drag their kids out of a room if someone dares to suggest the Moon doesn’t emit light.

Let’s get out of the habit of texting while driving before we let people have those jetpacks, eh?

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